The experts at Brookside Water Gardens have over 10 years of installation experience and over 8 years of decorative water feature ownership.

Here at Brookside Water Gardens we got into Water Garden/Pond business because we love it, I mean we really love it. You can separate us from the rest of the pack real easy. We are the ones walking around with goofy smiles/grins on our faces. Unfortunately, many get into the business because they see an opportunity to seize a quick dollar or two.

There is much more to a professionally built pond than what it looks like when it is finished. It should be functional as well as beautiful. You (the buyer) should know what to look for in a prospective installer/contractor. You should know what questions to ask and how to separate the professional from the rest of the overnight geniuses.

The staff at Brookside Water Gardens has been professionally trained through various seminars and hands-on programs in the Water Garden/Pond industry.


Pondless Waterfalls (child & pet friendly)
Custom Pond Design & Creation
Pre-Molded Koi Pond Installation
Waterfall & Rock Formation
Water Garden Design
Parts Installation/Renovation
Routine Maintenance
General Cleaning
General Repairs
Water Treatment
Pond Winterizing
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